BREAK/FIX the Gran Touring Motorsports Podcast

What Should I Buy? - UGLY Cars

March 16, 2021

As you know we've asked many of our guests about the "mythical 3 car garage" or "cars they had as posters on their wall as a kid" or "sexiest car of all time" - but we thought this time... let's turn the conversation around, and see what's the ugliest car we could recommend for someone else? ... and can't wait to see what our panel came up with.

In keeping with the tradition of What Should I Buy? - we have to set some ground rules, in this case we have to define: ugly. Our usual suspects are always the Aztek, Pacer, Edsel, Bricklin and even the HHR. But if you suspend disbelief for a moment, you could argue that there ARE ways to make those cars cool. But tonight we’re talking about an entire new caliber of UGLY, the designs where no amount of mods could make them better, cars with looks that only a momma could love. Follow along with the episode using the show notes:

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