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The Drive Thru #15 - October ‘21 - Yes! But what does it smell like?

October 26, 2021

The Drive Thru is our monthly recap where we've put together a menu of local, racing, electric-vehicle and random car-adjacent news. Tune in for Episode #15 covering October of 2021 with special guest host Donovan Lara from GarageRiot

Just some of the topics we covered this month:

  • Showcase Brand: JAPANESE & JDMs
  • Wait? Wasn't the CIVIC discontinued? + the Integra! 
  • Porsche’s latest “air cooled model”
  • Veyron vs Chiron for the Hypercar Crown!
  • Back to the Future: Ken Block + Stig Blomqvist Audi Tribute Videos
  • Driving a 700hp Dodge TRX around the Ring - WTFN!
  • Yes, you can buy Pablo Escobar’s IROC 911 RSR
  • McLaren vs Tesla Plaid
  • California banning gas powered lawn equipment after 2024
  • Motorsports News: Connecting the dots on Team Andretti, Races scheduled for '22 but not gonna happen, Michael Fassbender "road to Le Mans" 
  • Florida Man stories!
  • Track Day Report
  • and much, much more! 

Behind the Scenes content, along with video available through our Patreon. Check out the follow-on article for all the pixs and links to items talked about in this episode. The Drive Thru is sponsored in part by:,, GarageRiot, Hooked On Driving, Project Motoring and others. Learn how you can become a sponsor today

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