BREAK/FIX the Gran Touring Motorsports Podcast

The Drive Thru #10 - May ‘21

May 25, 2021

The Drive Thru is our monthly recap where we've put together a menu of local, racing, electric-vehicle and random car-adjacent news. Tune in for Episode #10 covering May of 2021.

Just some of the topics we covered this month:

  • Red vs Blue - the BRZ and the FRS
  • Ford F-150 Lightning Name Will Return for Electric Pickup
  • Final ICE Lotus (EMIRA) revealed, due in July ‘21
  • Opel Manta - EV
  • Lamborghini announces upcoming all-electric
  • Taking Your $400K Ferrari 812 GTS For a Swim Probably Voids the Warranty
  • Top Speed Record-Holding SSC Tuatara Wrecked in Car Carrier Crash
  • A Kentucky man …
  • Motorsports News
  • Track Day Report
  • and much, much more! 

Behind the Scenes content, along with video available through Check out the follow-on article for all the pixs and links to items talked about in this episode:

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