BREAK/FIX the Gran Touring Motorsports Podcast

The Black Nasty

April 13, 2021

At GTM we pride ourselves on being ambassadors for all types of Motorsports, but we haven’t really talked about drag racing much on Break/Fix, until now! Our guest has been a staple in the DMV drag racing scene for the better part of two decades. Some of you in the area may remember an all-black 4th Gen Camaro roaming around Upper Montgomery County MD on huge slicks and skinnies. That car was the Genesis for what is now widely known as, the Black Nasty  

Some of you might also know him from Street Outlaws and Pinks, welcome Robert (Bobby) Parks, the man behind the Black Nasty persona to the show.  Check out the pictures, videos and more: - Be sure to check out the follow-on PITSTOP mini-sode on our Patreon!

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