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Liqui-Moly - Oils & Lubricants

July 6, 2021

For many of us, oils and lubricants are just a bottle of brown liquid you put in your vehicle occasionally--- because, that’s what someone said you should do. Like your body, your vehicle, and especially your engine, needs to be in good health… which means understanding and choosing the right products as it’s lifeblood. 

Founded in 1957, Liqui-Moly has developed and produced oils and additives exclusively in Germany. With over 4000 products they offer a wide range of automotive chemicals that are unique in terms of Motor oils and additives, vehicle care and service sprays, greases and pastes as well as adhesives and sealants. And with us to discuss the importance of these types of products is Rob Longo - Regional Sales Manager for Liqui-Moly covering PA / NJ and DE. Be sure to check out the follow-on PITSTOP mini-sode on our Patreon! 

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