BREAK/FIX the Gran Touring Motorsports Podcast

International Motor Racing Research Center (IMRRC)

November 24, 2020

The International Motor Racing Research Center (IMRRC) collects, shares and preserves the history of motorsports. Spanning continents, eras, and race series, the Watkins Glen based IMRRC’s collection embodies the speed, drama and camaraderie of amateur and professional motor racing throughout the world. The Center welcomes serious researchers and the casual fans alike to share stories of race drivers, race series, and race cars captured on their shelves and walls.

The Center’s collection documents the history of racing in more than 4000 books along with 250 different motorsports magazines and newspapers titles; the archive also includes club and sanctioning body records; race results, programs and posters; papers from motorsports journalists and scholars; correspondence between race organizers; and more! 

Its knowledgeable research and archives staff, like our guests Kip Zeiter and Rick Hughey assist hundreds of scholars, journalists, authors, documentary filmmakers, drivers and race car owners from all over the globe with inquiries about motorsports history every year. And they're here to tell us all about it! And be sure to check the bonus "Pit Stop" mini-sode on our Patreon

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