BREAK/FIX the Gran Touring Motorsports Podcast


January 12, 2021

Everyone is looking for somewhere to belong. One of the main reasons for me that GTM was created was because we wanted to return that social aspect and sense of belonging back to track days. Utilizing social networking online is huge and a great way to stay connected to our groups. However, as much as the internet brings us closer together, it also tends to divide us into factions, and petrolheads and car enthusiasts are not exempt. We even get as granular as marque clubs, model-specific forums, and branded content and websites no one has ever heard of. 

What if there was one corner of the net where there was no place for political rants, baby pictures or kitty memes? What if there was a place where obsessions run on petrol? Enter GarageRiot - The Car Enthusiast Social Network - where you’ll meet wrenchturners, master mechanics, tuners, traders and enthusiasts of all types. And with us tonight is Donovan Lara, GarageRiot’s CEO and Founder, to explain how it all works. Check out GarageRiot today >> - and be sure to check the bonus "Pit Stop" mini-sode on our Patreon

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